Project orientation

We're dedicated to bring your project to life in the most efficient way possible, so initial phase is to plan the process carefully. The first step is understanding your business strategy and goals, along with the product we are going to create, in order to plan the perfect solution. This includes several meetings, where we gather all the necessary information, discuss solutions and create overall plan for the future phases.


Research & Analysis

Once we know what we're trying to achieve, we embark on research and analysis. During this phase we analyse competitors, targeted users, market. The goal of this phase is to decide most efficient direction and approach towards solution, which includes architecture, technologies and methodology. We discuss a broad range of ideas from our team, and by the end we are ready to start implementing those.


User experience and visual design

This process requires collaboration and iteration in order to get it right. It involves creation of site maps, wireframes, mockups and designs until we are all satisfied with the solution. If we're talking about video game, this would all be a part of Game Design Document.



We're transparent with every phase of development, and offer full disclosure and visibility, so you're up to date with what and how we are creating. We are using the latest agile methodologies which allow us efficient building of the solution and quick adaption to dynamic nature of the project development process. In order to assure that your project is delivered correctly, we assign project managers and quality assurance free of charge. Project managers will make sure the process is running smoothly, and be there to confront any potential issues, while the quality assurance will make sure your project is delivered bug free.


Deployment & Maintenance

Once the product goal is achieved, and you approve it is how you want it, we're ready to move to deployment and release it. We're here to guide you through the process and best practices. Once the product is out there, unexpected issues might appear. That's why we offer support for these kind of situations. It is important to understand that the development of high quality product is, in most situations, a circular process.