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Three.js, React, Umbraco

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MAG Architecture


What is it?

MAG Configurator is a product created for two reasons:


  1. High-quality and performant solution for end clients of MAG, who would like to preview new real estate projects in 3D environment, while filtering, viewing and comparing apartments, all in goal of making smart investments in new real estate
  2. As a administrative tool that allows MAG staff to seamlessly and easily create many as many new real estate projects as they want

Marble Role

  • We provided a team of 3 Developers and 1 Project Manager with a goal of creating and delivering this product
  • We utilized React, Three.js and Umbraco to create seamless solution.
  • We created the architecture and pipeline that would support MAGs needs, as the number of their projects and Client's grew.
  • We managed deployments, and we are offering support while the Product is live.


Challenges & Wins

  • Marble team designed and created an elaborate lazy loading system which can load over 500 images in combination with 3D, which adapts in real time to users behaviour, making the application fast and performant, and adaptable to every user!
  • We succesfully delivered a Product which is being used in production ever since.
  • MAG had created over 30+ different real estate projects utilizing the software we've created!



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