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React, Node.js, .NET Core, MongoDB

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What is it?

Uppiness is an organization dedicated to bringing happiness and wellbeing to the workplace, through many different activities, workshops, trainings and utlimately - Uppiness Game. The virtual game is based on the physical card game created by Oren Appel, and among the founders of the project are TEDx speaker Dalia Faldheim and positive psychology writer and lecturer at Harvard University Dr.Tal Ben-Shahar.

Uppiness main product is the Uppiness Game, realised as a card game in web browser, which allows up to 6 players to join a table and choose their strengths, create organizational dillemas, solve them by creative solutions and earn points by doing so, while learning positive psychology concepts and most importantly, having fun!


Marble Role

  • We created a team for MVP creation, constiting of 1 Project Manager, 2 Front Developers, and 1 Back End Developer.
  • We utilized React and Node.js to create a seamless solution.
  • We constatnly explored game design and UX with the Uppiness team, trying to figure out best approaches to different challenges.
  • We provided game design and gamification consultation services.
  • We managed deployments to production.
  • We provided technical support on calls with Clients of Uppiness organization.


  • Succesfully delivered an MVP.
  • MVP received a lot of positive feedback from Client's such as Microsoft and Google.
  • Uppiness diversified and grown it's trainer group and client base.
  • We've started the development of the next stage of Uppiness game!

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