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WikiJS, Express.js, HTML5, CSS3

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WikiAI is a wiki website dedicated to AI ecosystems all over the world. AI ecosystem represents the city with all of the AI related events, companies, communities and people who are generally interested in artificial intelligence and machine learning. On WikiAI you can find a lot of information, gathered from multiple cities from every continent of the world. You're able to engage in any AI related activity with just one click.

There were many challenges during the development. From connecting to external sources and pulling the right information, to making it all look visually appealing to end users. Our team worked closely with each other to connect our API to WikiJS base, and to find solutions to some of the WikiJS limitations. For example, we created special converters to modify the raw data and make it usable in WikiJS environment. We used different techniques to optimize the whole system and to keep it up to date with new data that is constantly updated.

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